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The BCCI’s decision to divide IPL broadcast rights between TV and digital has set off an unprecedented battle between Disney Star TV network and Mukesh Ambani’s JioCinema OTT platform for viewers’ attention. if you want to read news of cricket then best for you.

Consumers have increasingly welcomed interactivity across lifestyle digital services, and JioCinema provides an immersive suite of fan-centric coverage of IPL 2023 for these audiences.

1. Unparalleled Coverage

Jio Cinema app, the exclusive digital rights holder to IPL, will give IPL fans their first opportunity to watch matches in 4K resolution – four times higher than HD – for mobile screens and 6-inch TVs alike. Furthermore, dedicated feeds exist for avid cricket fans, urban women, fantasy enthusiasts and purists – which makes for truly incredible viewing.

The multi-cam feature, inspired by LaLiga’s, allows viewers to select from four distinct camera angles on a split screen, such as Bird’s Eye, Cable Cam (which follows both vertically and horizontally over predetermined area), Stump Cam and Batter Cam which focuses on batter in particular.

IPL viewership on digital platforms is predicted to experience exponential growth this year as India’s massive internet user base and passion for cricket shift from television viewing towards streaming services such as Jio Cinema’s coveted digital rights for IPL which it won at auction over Disney Hotstar will look to capitalize on free streaming to unseat their competitor and divert audiences away from Star Sports.

Live-streaming app will give fans a personalized experience with expert commentary from an esteemed panel including AB de Villiers, Chris Gayle, Suresh Raina, Eoin Morgan among many others. Furthermore, platform will support 12 languages to make event accessible to a broader Indian audience.

Jio’s free streaming service will offer fans unprecedented interactivity, enhanced visuals, and exciting new features – promising an unprecedented viewing experience and changing how we watch cricket forever. Their innovative offerings will take viewing experiences to new levels; Jio’s innovative offerings promise to change how we watch cricket forever with its innovative offerings of virtual reality-like graphics and effects – something done via virtual headsets or smartphone applications with an augmented-reality app installed – adding depth to onscreen action through virtual overlays composed of both real-time match data and computer generated graphics adding depth depth and adding depth depth in real-time for real-time action onscreen.

2. Enhanced Interactivity

As TV viewership decreases, digital streaming platforms like JioCinema from Viacom18 are increasingly seen as the go-to choice for many sports fans. Disney Star, who hold TV rights for IPL matches and Viacom18’s JioCinema (who hold digital streaming rights), are each competing fiercely to attract viewers with unique offerings that may tempt them away from watching on traditional media outlets like Disney Star or Viacom18 JioCinema.

IPL matches will now be made freely available digitally for streaming, through IPL CINEMA. Users will be able to watch games live-streamed in 4K resolution with multiple camera angles and scoreboard access; fans can even interact with commentators during each match! According to Samsung Smart TV data, Jio Cinema app has quickly become one of India’s top five apps this season and continues to gain ground fast.

Disney Star and Hotstar remain heavily reliant upon traditional broadcast audiences for success; JioCinema hopes to leverage their 434 million broadband users and become India’s biggest sporting event as far as online viewing goes. To increase viewer engagement and growth, JioCinema offers features like Hawkeye 4K Cam, Xeebra Quad Replay and social listening tool Traxis that could become key assets to its viewers.

With IPL’s increased presence on digital, brands must understand viewer experience and design campaigns that resonate with their target audiences. VR has quickly become a popular form of entertainment; brands are creating innovative content and ads which can be watched using VR headsets in order to reach a larger demographic and take a larger share of pie.

Jio has brought together various celebrities including AB De Viliers, Chris Gayle, Suresh Raina and Robin Uthappa to launch its exclusive pre and post match show for cricket matches. This gives audiences an opportunity to interact with their favourite stars while discussing match highlights together. In addition, social media presence will be utilized by Jio to drive fan engagement through contests and giveaways.

3. Jio Cinema Hype Mode

Cricket has long been one of the world’s favorite sports, evoking strong emotions among its audience and players alike. Because this global sport draws so much excitement and passion from consumers and players alike, JioCinema recognized that providing an outstanding viewing experience for fans would only heighten that passion even more.

JioCinema has introduced fan-centric digital offerings this year that will revolutionise how people watch TATA IPL matches. From multi-cam, 4K, and Hype Mode to language feeds such as Bhojpuri Punjabi Marathi as well as digital features such as multi-cam and Hype Mode; JioCinema strives to offer viewers an unforgettable viewing experience unlike any other. They aim to set new benchmarks in sports broadcasting with this offering.

JioCinema app has unveiled a feature designed to further enrich users’ viewing experience, offering them the freedom of choosing any camera angle – whether that be spider, batsman, bird’s eye or wicketkeeper – so each viewer can experience their favorite cricket match their own way.

As JioCinema provides live streaming of IPL matches in 12 different languages to cater to every corner of India, this feature is sure to become a hit among cricket enthusiasts. Furthermore, JioCinema was among Samsung Smart TV users’ top 5 downloaded applications during April-June; an indication of its widespread appeal.

JioCinema team introduced Hype Mode as part of an initiative to increase fan engagement, offering them access to alternate camera angles and statistics without leaving the match screen. Not only will this add excitement to a match but will allow fans to track every move of their favorite players more closely.

Consumers today expect interactivity from lifestyle digital services and entertainment experiences; now is the time for brands to lead by showing them new, modern, and exciting ways of watching TATA IPL this season.

4. Jio Cinema Fan Zone Parks

Indian Premier League broadcast rights have long been seen as an advertising jackpot, second only to America’s National Football League. Sports media companies see these broadcast rights as advertising goldmine. For sports media companies, IPL coverage was split among various over-the-top (OTT) platforms like Disney Star and Hotstar that charge subscription fees, and linear channels such as JioCinema that offered coverage free to viewers throughout South Asia; this year however, JioCinema plans on disrupting this digital streaming landscape by making games free to access audiences throughout South Asia; potentially upending this digital streaming landscape altogether. if you want to read political and finance news then best for you.

Anil Jayaraj, Viacom18 Sports chief executive officer, noted a clear shift in consumer preference towards watching IPL matches online rather than watching them live on television, evidenced by record live viewership of IPL 2023 which proved an “important season for digital viewing”, according to Jayaraj.

Consumers increasingly appreciate digital platforms’ interactivity compared to traditional TV. They are accustomed to scrolling, swiping and pinching screens to navigate content; so it makes sense for them to watch IPL on digital rather than TV as this provides more control and an immersive stadium-like experience, according to media company.

Consumers have also come to appreciate the convenience of digital streaming, which allows them to watch matches at their convenience on any device – with rising smartphone penetration expected, it is expected that IPL streaming will gain even more popularity in years ahead.

JioCinema has capitalised on the growing interest in cricket content by opening IPL Fan Parks across cities like Vadodara, Bardhaman, Kurnool and Karnal. These experiential hubs give fans an immersive stadium-like experience while giving them free access to watch matches online.

JioCinema recently leveraged its celebrity endorsement roster by including MS Dhoni and Suryakumar Yadav in an exciting campaign called ‘Digital India Ka Digital TATA IPL’ to build consumer excitement about watching IPL on JioCinema. This pan-India campaign included an exhilarating video starring them that ran both in cinemas as well as JioCinema, Hotstar, and Voot platforms.

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