12 Best Multiplayer Resident Evil Games

Fans who want to play Resident Evil with their friends won’t be let down by these games.

When Resident Evil 4 Remake came out, it brought back Leon Kennedy and the most horrifyingly fun knife kills in a video game. However, fans of both the original Resident Evil and the newer Resident Evil may be annoyed that RE4 Remake also sticks to the single-player-only rule of the original. Like Leon’s first attempt to save Ashley Graham, RE4 Remake doesn’t have a game where players can work together to kill zombies.

Thanks to other Resident Evil games, players can work together to break heads in the most exciting ways the series has to offer. In addition to standard multiplayer options and partnerships in the main series of games, some Resident Evil games are multiplayer from the start and even have their own unique gameplay elements. What Resident Evil multiplayer games are there to choose from?


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