Resident Evil

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    Top 10 Health Bars In Video Games

    Here are the best video game health bars! Where would video games be if they didn’t have health bars? For decades, they’ve been a fundamental component of most games. Many games offer a very basic one at the top of the screen that does the job quite well. However, it’s always good to see developers go above and beyond to…

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  • TECHNOLOGY10-must-play-horror-games-on-steam

    10 Must-Play Horror Games On Steam

    There are a lot of great scary games on Steam for people who want to feel scared. Steam is without a doubt one of the best places for PC gamers to buy games and play them on their computer. There are a lot of different types of games that can be played on Steam, from cute and cozy games that…

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    12 Best Multiplayer Resident Evil Games

    Fans who want to play Resident Evil with their friends won’t be let down by these games. When Resident Evil 4 Remake came out, it brought back Leon Kennedy and the most horrifyingly fun knife kills in a video game. However, fans of both the original Resident Evil and the newer Resident Evil may be annoyed that RE4 Remake also…

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