Ranking 15 Best Dungeons & Dragons Novels

These novels are great for Dungeons & Dragons fans who want to learn more about the series’ history when they’re not playing the games.

Since Chris Pine stars in a pretty crazy story in Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, fantasy and even Dungeons & Dragons fans might be interested in what other worlds feature stories straight from the game’s history. As well as role-playing worlds like Critical Role’s Exandria, there are other worlds and even universes where Dungeons & Dragons stories take place. Some of these stories are also told in novels.

Fans of Dungeons & Dragons who want more intense D&D stories besides streams and movies might want to read some of the best D&D novels out there. They take you deep into worlds like Krynn and the Forgotten Realms. But where should players begin when they want to read more creative Dungeons & Dragons stories?

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