Ways to Identify Pest Infestations before Hiring Pest Control Services in Hyderabad

Are you looking for pest control services in Hyderabad? If yes, this is a mini-guide for you. Here, you learn about signs of pest infestations. Make yourself educated on the topic thoroughly. You are looking for a pest control company. In that case, it is a good idea that you go through this blog first. It may be the case that the problem is not that bad and the situation can be handled by you alone. So, for all that, let’s get started.

Pest Droppings

This is the first thing that you can look for. Your house may be suffering from a pest infestation. And you may be oblivious to this fact. Well, this happens a lot. So, what do we do? You just examine your living areas carefully and closely. And while doing so, look for pest droppings. We all know the fact that pests have no etiquette at all. They drop their faecal substances wherever they feel like. And you can definitely take advantage of it. Most pests pass stools daily on the same spot. Rats and rodents are such pests. So, look on the top of your refrigerator, in your washing machine, under your mattresses, etc. If you find pest droppings there, your house is certainly infested.

Nesting Evidence

You may be looking for effective pest control services in Hyderabad. But this is not the best thing you must do. Don’t make haste. You need pest control services because you think there are pests in your house! In that case, don’t rush to find a service provider. Your first priority must be to find out if there is any infestation or not. So, you have seen the first indication. Now, let’s talk about the second one. It is nesting. Many pests like rats, mice, birds, etc, make nests for their habitations. So, look for such nesting materials. If you find shredded paper under mattresses, there is a rat infestation going on. Suppose you find other things like twigs and small branches. In that case, it is definitely a bird. So, look for nesting evidence.

Grease, Gnawing, Faecal and Urine Marks

Many times, you don’t need to do much. You can very easily find out if there is a pest infestation. Just look for grease, gnawing, faecal, and urine marks. Let’s first start with your living room. Go over to each and every part of your living room. And see if there you see urine or gnawing marks. Often, rats and big rodents go there and chew on clothes and curtains pathetically. After that, go to the kitchen. And open all your pantry cabinets. Suppose you see that there are a lot of black pellets. These are rats’ droppings. And sometimes, it is a bird as well. Do you see that your balcony is always covered with loads of white and black patches or marks? These are poops of birds. That directly indicates a bird infestation. Thus, this way, ensure these marks and come to a final conclusion.

Physical Damage to Furniture

Hire effective pest control services in Hyderabad later. First, see if there is any physical damage or not. Consider the following. Suppose you are cooking in your kitchen. And you suddenly notice that there is a big hole behind the pantry cabinet. And this hole leads to another cabinet that is next to the former. In that case, what can you come up with? Obviously, it is a rat. This is the kind of physical damage we are talking about. Such kind of damage if you notice it is definitely the artwork of some highly talented rats or other pests. Likewise, check all furniture. And determine the severity of the problem.

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Wrecked Interior Greenery

Do you have an interior garden? If yes, this section is for you. Another sign that you can look for is related to indoor plants and greenery. There are many pests that wreak havoc on plants. And thus, through a close examination, you can immediately tell if your indoor garden is pest-free or not. Do you see a shredded and disturbed garden area? If yes, it is a sign that your house is infested. And that is why the garden is being disturbed. Sometimes, there are a lot of ants and flies as well. So, beware and have enough attention in this direction as well. Damaged indoor plants are always an active sign of infestations.

Shredded and Torn Couches and Mattresses

Don’t just hire pest control services in Hyderabad in a hurry. So, what should you do? It is very simple. Before doing this, ensure that there is indeed a pest infestation. The two most common areas you would not like to ignore are couches and mattresses. Many pests love to hang out in such areas. These articles have got habitable stuff inside. Rats can easily cut through soft substances and make their nests there. Likewise, you have mattresses. Most mattresses contain either cotton or form. So, to be precise, rats really love such areas to breed and extend their families. Check all these areas properly and then get the best service provider at your service.

House Fly Infestation and White Spots

Have you ever wondered where tiny white and black dots on any surface come from? Well, it may be something different than what you thought. To be more precise, have you ever encountered tiny black dots on the surface of your books? If not, take this. These tiny dots are nothing but stools of houseflies. It may have shocked you. So, look for such signs. And if that is present to a great extent, you are suffering from a house fly infestation. By the way, suppose you are out to hire a pest control professional. In that case, what do you think you cannot avoid ensuring? This should have sounded simple enough to answer. There are only two things—legality and competence. First, your service provider must be a legal company. And second, the same company has got to be highly experienced as well.

Examine Furniture Underneath

Still, don’t rush to hire pest control services in Hyderabad. There are other areas as well that you must examine. These sections are parts of the floor that is always covered under one or another furniture item. Go over to such sections. For example, go over to your bed and have a look underneath the bed. What do you see there? Suppose you see a lot of mess. There is a load of dust including pest droppings, fluffy stuff, etc. This is the case when pests have infested your residential areas. So, never ever forget to look underneath furniture. These are great spots that can give you great insights. And you will be able to say for sure that you have a pest infestation. You may not specify the kind though. But that will be done by a professional later. So, you needn’t worry about that thing. By the way, this is a general piece of advice. Always keep the covered area clean and sanitised. You can even use a disinfector as well, i.e. alcohol, etc.

And if nothing works, you have pantries left to be observed closely. It doesn’t matter what kind of infestation you have. If there is a tiny enemy on the loose, pantries would give you some indications.


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