9 All-Time Best Wuxia Games, Ranked

There are a lot of wuxia games that don’t get much attention, but that doesn’t make them any less fun.

The stories in the unique genre of wuxia are mostly about martial artists in ancient China. It may seem pretty narrow to put this into a single category, but this wuxia theme has been used very well in a number of great forms of media. Closing Tiger, Hidden Dragon is a great example of a wuxia movie. It is also one of the most well-known movies ever.

It makes sense that a lot of video games have made the most of this scene since this genre is all about fighting. Sure, using martial arts in any video game is fun, but wuxia games aren’t just fights all the time. These games are really creative, and they let players learn about Chinese society in a new and interesting way. If a player wants to try a wuxia game, there are some great ones to choose from, but there aren’t nearly enough good ones in this genre.


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