The benefits and challenges of implementing the IB curriculum in Singaporean schools

The IB curriculum has gained worldwide popularity over the last decade due to its competitive structure and brilliant results. Thus, most students aspire to pursue this curriculum and strengthen their future opportunities. If you want to send your child to an IB school in Singapore, here are some facts you must know. Remember, though the curriculum has immense scope and opportunity, it is also challenging. Hence, weighing your child’s aspirations and capabilities before enrolling in the program might help. Explore the IB curriculum comprehensively and learn about its pros and cons. 

Benefits of the IB curriculum

Teaching students to learn

Students often think that learning is all about memorizing from the textbook or taking comprehensive class notes. However, such a learning approach can become overburdening. Moreover, there might be other options than memorizing all class notes and textbook chapters. The IB curriculum trains students to learn effectively and efficiently. It teaches students to work hard and implement intelligent studying techniques for the best results. For instance, the IB curriculum encourages students to develop a well-designed routine, dedicate time to studying each subject daily, and reduce last-minute exam stress. 

Multilingual approach

Multilingualism is a characteristic that distinguishes the IB curriculum from other curricula. The curriculum teaches multilingualism in students from a young age, which has several benefits. From a social point of view, multilingualism helps students diversify their future academic and employment opportunities and ensures better personal growth. However, that is not all; multilingualism helps students accept cultural diversity and eliminate personal biases. In short, such a philosophy allows students to mingle with each other and promote diversity, and every international school in Singapore encourages such an idea. 

Develops a critical mind

Unlike most curricula, the IB curriculum helps develop a critical and curious mind in students. The curriculum does not focus on rote learning. Instead, it allows students to question whatever they see and seek answers for them. The IB curriculum also allows students to explore various topics and encourages self-studying to establish a more liberal academic structure. Thus, the curriculum not only enhances students’ performances through such a philosophy but also ensures an overall growth in personality among them. 

Challenges of the IB curriculum

While the IB curriculum has several advantages, establishing it in an international school in Singapore can have the following challenges. 

Too many subjects

Students pursuing an IB curriculum might find it challenging due to its many subjects. The curriculum requires students to learn six different topics with the same dedication and hard work. Thus, balancing time and dedicating equal attention to all the subjects can be challenging for students. 

Intense competition

The growing popularity of the IB curriculum has resulted in intense competition globally. With most students wanting to pursue the curriculum for its immense benefits, the IB curriculum’s standard has significantly risen over the years, leaving little or no scope for academically weaker students. Thus, students must work hard and give their best to crack into an IB curriculum. 

High school fees

Enrolling your child in an IB curriculum in an international school in Singapore can be cost-intensive. However, Singapore schools have several funding options that can reduce the burden of education. 

To sum up

IB is the world’s leading curriculum, and its wide popularity proves its efficiency in shaping students’ futures. Most schools worldwide now offer this curriculum, knowing its importance and outcomes for students. However, it is vital to know its pros and cons before enrolling your child in the curriculum, and this blog might have helped you overcome your doubts and dilemmas. 

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