10 Best Axl Rose Songs of All Time

From epic power ballads to explosive hard rock anthems, Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose created some of the most memorable and influential songs in music history. Here are 10 of the best. If you want to enjoy these classics, you can get free music on MP3 Juice.

A stripped-down, acoustic number that showcases the more tender side of GN’R. It’s an ode to a woman that also reveals the band’s raunchy side.

1. November Rain

Axl Rose is a powerhouse singer with one of the widest vocal ranges of any performer. The Guns N’ Roses frontman is best known for his explosive live performances and dynamic songwriting.

November Rain tells a story about love, loss and the passage of time. The lyrics reflect on the complexities of relationships and acknowledge that even a restrained love can be strong. The music video features black and white scenes of weddings and funerals. The song is a perfect example of the band’s gritty style.

2. Patience

If you’re looking for a great Guns N’ Roses song, look no further than Patience. This track is an aggressive rock song that is a fan favorite.

The lyrics narrate a tale of late-night escapades powered by alcohol and reckless freedom. Axl Rose’s vocal talent captures both aggression and vulnerability in this classic anthem.

The music video is a cinematic masterpiece that is a testament to the band’s ability to produce powerful and emotionally resonant songs. The track is a showcase for Axl Rose’s dynamic vocals and features an explosive guitar solo from Slash.

3. Black Leather

One of the most aggressive songs by Guns N’ Roses, Black Leather is a testament to the power and impact of rock music. It showcases the band’s dynamic vocal talent and ability to write emotionally resonant lyrics.

Axl Rose delivers a fiery performance in this song, which was inspired by a real-life feud with a neighbor. This powerful track is a classic rock anthem that continues to inspire fans and musicians alike. The accompanying music video is equally as explosive and energetic.

4. If The World

Axl Rose’s vocal talent and enthralling stage presence come to the fore on this song. The song’s lyrics narrate late-night escapades fueled by alcohol and reckless freedom, making it one of the band’s most beloved songs.

The song’s pounding beat and blistering guitar solos perfectly complement the lead singer’s voice, which captures both aggression and vulnerability. A must-listen for fans of classic rock. It also spawned a video that ruled MTV for decades. This is pure GnR at its best.

5. Get In The Ring

Axl Rose’s vocal range on this powerful power ballad is remarkable. It captures a mix of aggression and vulnerability making it one of the band’s most emotionally moving songs.

This song was written as a response to what the band felt was biased and unfair coverage of their music in the media. It remains a controversial track to this day.

Rallying bass and clamouring percussion make this a stomper on one of rock’s tautest albums. This is also where Slash really shines with his ear-blistering guitar solo.

6. Bad Apples

Axl Rose is one of the most dynamic frontmen in rock history. From epic power ballads to explosive hard rock anthems, his songs have touched the souls of millions of listeners around the world.

Axl Rose is a huge fan of the Aussie band AC/DC, and this live cover from their Use Your Illusion II album proves it. Despite being a bit overlong, it’s still an entertaining track with its catchy melodies and soaring vocal performance. Check it out below!

7. U.K. Subs Cover

All tickets for the Subs’ Thursday (28th), Friday (30th) and Saturday (31st) shows at London’s 100 Club have been sold out. Please do not buy from re-sale ticket sites.

With the addition of bassist Alvin Gibbs and drummer Steve Roberts, their sound took on a more heavy metal-influenced edge. They continued to incorporate elements of rhythm and blues music, including harmonica.

UK Subs – ‘Rockers’ from the album ‘Subversions II’. Recorded at GEM Studios in April 2017. Audio and video available to stream now! Enjoy!

8. Used To Love Her

GN’R is known for being a bad-ass rock band, but they also know how to write a heartwarming love song. Used To Love Her has a beautiful, acoustic sound and features guest vocals from Shannon Hoon (before Blind Melon) who harmonizes with Axl Rose.

While at first glance the lyrics may appear to be a romantic tribute, they’re actually a clever metaphor about a toxic relationship. The song’s catchy melody and meaningful lyrics have made it a fan favorite. It also showcases Slash’s virtuosic guitar playing.

9. Estranged

The third and final chapter in the “November Rain” music video trilogy, Estranged is a wildly complex song that involves oil tankers, magical dolphins, suicide attempts and SWAT teams. Rose’s anger at the media and his ex-girlfriend Stephanie Seymour, who starred in the videos for November Rain and Don’t Cry, probably fueled its incomprehensibility.

This powerful rock ballad shows off Axl Rose’s dynamic vocals, with lyrics that convey meaningful stories. The emotional song is a true gem that’s timeless and captivating! Listen to it here.

10. The Spaghetti Incident?

One of the few times G n’ R’s commercial peak met its creative peak, this sexy anthem about an annoying neighbor (who got fucked by Slash, naturally) is the best song to come out of the 1986 Sound City sessions. The muscular riffing, forged-iron arpeggios and enraged lyrics are prime Guns N’ Roses fare.

Axl’s manly yelps are a scream, even on this raucous cover. It’s a fun experiment in what would have happened if GN’R had leaned more into their punk influences. Axl’s version of the Damned’s “New Rose” is also on this LP.

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