Top 10 Uses Of Flowers In Our Busy Lives

Flowers are omnipresent. It does not matter, where you go, you will see them. From reception of commercial establishments to hallways, from the drawing room of any home to the kitchen window sill, there will be one on display. Doctors also keep flowers in their clinics, to soothe clients’ nerves.

Many people are gifting flowers today, as they are reasonably priced and available across the country. The flowers that you gift others, may be used in different ways. You can also send flowers to Chennai, as it is just one of the many locations which we serve. Let us find out more about their usage.

The Myriad Uses Of Flowers

  • Flowers Enhance Beauty – Whenever any woman wears flowers on their hair, or as a wristband, it can enhance their beauty. Most South Indian women adorn their hair with fresh flowers. The added benefit is the aroma, which can put any expensive perfume to shame. You must have seen Greek women in pictures wearing floral wreaths on their heads.
  • Flowers Display Emotions – The most important use of flowers, is the display of emotions. Sometimes, you may fail to convey feelings, with other things. Flowers come in handy at such times. When you have to show your spouse of many years, that you still care for her, flowers enter the scene. Thus, you can convey your love through anniversary flowers. In the same manner, you can tell someone that you love her, with red roses. Love, respect, caring, and admiration are a few of the emotions that you can convey through flowers.
  • Flowers Are For Decoration – Almost every banquet hall, wedding venue, hotel reception, and birthday centre, which is hired for any occasion, must be decorated. And, decorations are incomplete without flowers. Flowers are available in various colours and varieties. Moreover, they also emit a sweet floral aroma. Balloons, paper cut-outs, and other decorative accessories are incomplete without flowers. You can decorate a place with flowers, in various arrangements like pomanders, cascades, or as chandeliers.
  • Flowers Provide Relaxation – You may already be aware that flowers have a therapeutic effect on the mind. They reduce the cortisol levels in the body and reduce stress. They are the main tools of aromatherapy. It is a healing modality that is done through aroma. Roses, lavenders, jasmines, and tuberoses are a few of the sweetest- aromatic flowers that you can lay your hands on. You will also find them being used in making aromatic scents.
  • Flowers In Foods – Many flowers are edible. Dandelions and clovers are a few of the flowers, which you can eat. They are also added as garnishing, in a variety of dishes. You can also make tea with flowers, like chamomile tea.
  • Flowers Are Used In Worshipping – Flowers are an inseparable part of various rituals in all religions. You will see lots of colourful flowers at the feet of the Hindu deities, like Lord Ganesh and Maa Durga. If you happen to head to a church, you will find mild and sober colours in flowers there. On the other hand, you can find flower blankets on tombstones inside mosques.
  • Flowers Are Used Medicinally – Many flowers are used for treatments as well. As astounding as it may seem, you must have heard about Ayurveda. Flowers have pain-relief properties as well. Ayurvedic doctors often make pastes of flowers and leaves, to apply as poultices.
  • Flowers Are Used In Crafts – You will find the use of dry flowers in arts and crafts. Potpourris, collages, and jewellery are made with flowers today.
  • Flowers Act As Insect Repellents – There are quite a few flowers that act as insect repellents. Marigolds and Chrysanthemums have insect-repelling properties, which help to ward off unwanted insects.
  • Flowers Can Produce Organic Dyes – There are many colourful flowers, that are used to produce dyes. You will find many naturally dyed fabrics that are hypoallergenic and sustainable.

These are just a few uses of flowers. You can use them in more astonishing ways, as technology improves. They play an exclusive role in our lives. Humans and flowers co-exist. One is incomplete without the other. So, you can order your favourite flowers online today without any more delay.

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