How Nurse Call Systems Improve Patients/Elderly Care

Healthcare facilities, be it for infants or the elderly, are always on the go for unexpected emergencies, and in such a scenario, immediate medical assistance is a prerequisite.

Nurse call systems are indispensable in assisting these healthcare facilities, hospitals, and other living centers. 

Before diving deep into the article, let us first understand what nurse call systems are. 

Let us see how nurse call systems are and could be used to assist healthcare facilities and hospitals to get a better understanding. 

Nurse call systems are straightforward and probably the best way to offer patients quick assistance from the medical staff when they are in urgent need. Given their old age, some patients may find movement difficult, and at times, it is also because they are too proud to ask for someone’s help; these systems help them reach the nursing station at any time. If not, the nursing assistant can reach them within minutes. It can save them from any casualty and something that could become a big concern later on. Thus, the nurse call system serves as a lifeline in connecting the patients and the nursing staff. 

Again, not all the nurse call systems do not have to be the same. You can get various options available in the market and opt for the ones that fit the best for you and your facility. Here are a few benefits of nurse call systems:

  • Alternate breath calls: For patients who have difficulty speaking or have limited movement, an alternate breath system lets them call for their nurse simply by breathing into a specific tube.
  • Pillow Speakers: These speakers installed near the bedside of the patient enable them to call the nursing station, control lights, adjust their TV, and perform various other tasks.
  • Wall Stations: The nurse call systems usually come with wall stations, with pre-installed microphones and speakers so that the patients can call in the nurse for immediate help. They may or may not come with a Code Blue Button for emergencies, which can later connect to essential equipment like ventilators and IV drips.
  • Desk Console: If you have ever been to a healthcare facility or a hospital, you may have seen equipment on the nurse’s station that looks like a telephone, that is, a desk console. The nurses use this to make and receive calls to the patient rooms.
  • Code Blue Signals: Medical teams commonly place these alarms in nursing stations, patient rooms, and common areas, installing them throughout the facility to notify the entire medical team of where immediate help is needed.

Nurse call systems are critical because they act as safety alarms for the elderly, enabling the medical staff to provide and assist them with a swift response to their emergencies, potentially saving them from life-death situations. They also make it easier for the nurses as they can better communicate with the patient rooms and cater to their needs accordingly. Also, it is an immense peace of mind for everyone, including the family members of the concerned patient. These are just a few notable advantages of installing a nurse call system. The list is long.

At MAT ON GUARD, we take pride in creating nurse call systems with various options to cater to the needs of the elderly, and we are also proud to have forestalled severe casualties in time. If you are someone who has an elderly at home who needs constant care and attention, or if you run a healthcare facility, you should visit our website and look for the various options that we provide and rest assured that your elders are always safe. You are just a notification away if an emergency ever happens. 

If you want to serve your seniors with an easy living and something that doesn’t bother their personal space, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would happily assist you with our services by supplying these systems to your healthcare facilities and eldercare communities. 



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