Loft Renovation: Everything You Need To Know

Renovating a house and choosing the appropriate home renovation budget is not an easy task, and even less so when we are talking about a loft.

The first very important instruction is to consider space as something fluid. There will be no walls, hallways, or doors that formally divide the spaces. But functional areas will have to be delimited.

According to Guelph renovations experts, an excellent ally is to use the furniture itself as a division. Tiered bookcases, sofas, wardrobes, and each piece of furniture can become the symbol that we enter another functional area within the apartment.

And they can also help provide privacy and become focal points of your decor.

Choose Loft style according to your taste:


Industrial look loft

The first decoration choice when renovating a loft is undoubtedly the industrial style. It is the natural alternative to decorate a space in the home that used to have a real use of this type.

The non-presence of a ceramic finish but a concrete floor polished by use. These are some elements that can lead us towards industrial decoration and make it easier.

Another element that can be ideal for applying an industrial style in a loft is undoubtedly the choice of materials.


A vintage-style loft

Those same raw concrete or brick walls can be adapted to another decorative style. The one that can evoke Brooklyn lofts: is the vintage style.

The introduction of furniture from the sixties or seventies of the last century or a touch of sepia or beige. All of this can turn a loft-type apartment into a warm space full of contrasts.

An advantage that the vintage style has is that many of its elements and tones marry very well with the urban and modern feeling of a loft.

The use of floating wooden shelves is interesting, for example, with chairs and sofas designed in a style from the sixties or seventies. It combines excellently with raw concrete and brick walls. Which can be found in a loft that used to be part of an industrial warehouse.


Nordic or minimalist-style loft

Of course, a Nordic or minimalist style can also be applied excellently when renovating a loft. Or if it is a rural one, coming from a farmhouse or an old barn, a rustic style can fit like a glove.

The important thing is not to omit the elements that make the apartment retain its personality of having been something more than a warehouse with four walls.


Loft designs and renovation tips:

  • When we consider the best way to decorate a loft, one of the main ideas is to define the spaces. There must be areas prepared for different uses, without breaking the continuity of the loft. To achieve this, use elements such as rugs, furniture, or mobile panels.
  • It is necessary to define a predominant style, however, several elements can be combined so that the interior design is not monotonous. Combining a main idea with different interpretations depending on the space is complicated, however, this is where the success of loft decoration lies.
  • Colors are very important when we talk about decorating a loft. Choose a homogeneous color palette, based on different shades. Highlighting an area is very simple if we use the right colors.
  • Don’t forget the mirrors, especially if you want to decorate a small loft. Mirrors generate a feeling of space and spaciousness; in a loft, they can be the perfect ally for decoration.
  • In general, the accumulation of decorative objects will dwarf the spatial sensation. A loft is an open-plan construction that seeks space, so it is advisable to respect this idea, avoiding overloading the loft with different elements.
  • Do not interrupt the passage of light. One of the main advantages of a loft is the amount of light they provide due to their large windows. Do not allow interior decoration to interrupt the flow of light.

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