List Of 8 Best Wizards In Video Games

Magic wielders are exciting video game characters to play and battle, and these are the best, most classic examples.

Magic is usually found in video games. All fantasy games have some element of magic in their gameplay or story, and the characters that wield such power are commonly referred to as sorcerers, mages, or wizards.

Wizards are currently seen as powerful magic users that have the ability to summon arcane and other sorts of magic on the spur of the moment and are either regarded as protectors or threats in their respective domains. This is due to their desire for power and the knowledge of how to utilize it to their advantage. But who are the greatest video game wizards? Here are some of the most famous and infamous characters who can control magic.

Agahnim — The Legend Of Zelda

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Agahnim is a wizard who had great magic that he utilized to quell the tragedies that the Hyrule kingdom was facing. He was one of Link’s first mini-bosses to defeat. Agahnim became a hero as a result of this feat, and the King trusted him. Agahnim used this to his advantage, brainwashing Hyrule warriors, deposing the King, and banishing six of the Seven Sages into the Dark World.

Agahnim utilizes magical beams and lightning to shoot at Link during his combat in a Link to the Past. He also cannot be hurt physically, therefore Link had to use magic to imbue his Master Sword and deflect Agahnim’s attack back at him. After Link defeats Agahnim, it is revealed that he is nothing more than Ganon’s alter ego, and his surviving essence escapes back to his original form.

Doctor Strange — Various Marvel Games

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Stephen Strange was once a talented surgeon who was involved in a horrible accident that seriously injured his hands. This prompted him to look for solutions to repair his hands. Because conventional medicine failed him, he had to turn to the magical arts. He discovered his knack for the arcane there, and thus became Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme.

Doctor Strange, a formidable ally with a great grasp of numerous mystic arts, has appeared in various Marvel games such as the Marvel Ultimate Alliance titles, Midnight Suns, and the Lego Marvel series. On the spur of the moment, he can conjure and wield Eldritch Magic as energy constructs to attack opponents, as well as access the Mirror Dimension, Astral Projection, and other spell-casting feats. He has appeared in fighting games like Marvel vs. Capcom to demonstrate how a wizard can compete with the strongest brawlers and fighters.

Ripto — Spyro The Dragon

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Ripto has been a constant enemy for Spyro since his debut appearance in Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage. He is a little orange dinosaur with a Napoleon Complex who is constantly attempting to prove that his size is insignificant because he is all-powerful.

He despises dragons, and his loathing fuels his desire for more power. With his scepter, he may wield and cast many magical spells. This contains fireballs, acid blobs, and defensive barriers that deflect opponent strikes for a limited period of time. His final spell transforms him into a massive, oafish dinosaur, with his scepter turned into a club.

Despite his magical prowess, Spyro always manages to outwit Ripto during their battles. Ripto became a relentless foe of Spyro in following games, always attempting to outdo his competitor by any means necessary.

Solas — Dragon Age

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Solas, the Dragon Age games’ unexpected villain, is once an Elven Hedge mage who is extremely educated about the Fade. He, also known as Fen’Harel, is to blame for all of the modern Elves’ woes after destroying Elvenhan by manipulating the Elven pantheon and the Forgotten Ones and trapping them in heaven and the Abyss.

Solas’ power stems from his orb, which has been accumulating power since he was revived in the Fade. He concentrates his energies, which he can utilize to bend and construct realities, using his orb as his Foci. He is also a great manipulator, having duped the Inquisitor and his supporters about his malicious machinations and Envanuris goals.

King Mickey — Kingdom Hearts

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Mickey Mouse may appear to be an unusual choice, yet in the Kingdom Hearts games, he is a strong wizard. King Mickey, who was trained by Master Yen Sid, is a powerful Keyblade Master who likes to battle using swordsmanship rather than magic.

But make no mistake, King Mickey is also a potent spellcaster capable of casting a variety of supportive and offensive spells. Because King Mickey is in sync with the Light, the majority of his magical abilities center around banishing the Darkness and healing his allies. Pearl, Cure, Healing Light, and Holy are examples. Mickey also wields powerful time magic, such as Stopza, which can freeze several targets for an extended period of time. Be wary, enemies of the Light: King Mickey is a formidable foe.

Jaina Proudmoore — World Of Warcraft

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Jaina Proudmoore, trained by Archmage Antonidas, is one of Azeroth’s most powerful mages and sorceresses. She is an expert at transmutation and abjuration, and she can easily mass-teleport armies across vast distances. During battle, she may cast a variety of defensive spells for herself and allies, such as Ice Barriers against enemy strikes. She prefers to employ ice magic offensively, such as Ice Lance, Frostbolt, and Cone of Cold. These assaults frequently halt or stop opponents in their tracks.

Jaina, who first appeared in Warcraft 3, was previously a calm and calculated strategist who sought out non-violent dispute resolution methods. However, she has experienced her fair share of defeats and betrayals throughout the different games and expansions in Funny Shooter 2. Seeing Arthas Menethil succumb to the Lich King’s power and become his avatar, as well as the destruction of Theramore, has made her more violent. Jaina’s loyalty is always with the Alliance, but when the Horde and Alliance must join forces, Jaina sees the greater good and will fight for the good side.

Yennefer Of Vengerberg — The Witcher 3

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Yennefer of Vengerberg, the youngest member of the Council of Wizards, is a tough sorceress who can more than hold her own against the vile monsters and even viler men in The Witcher games. She can construct portals that allow her to easily traverse locations, lock bastions with formidable defensive barriers, and cast numerous elemental attacks against adversaries.

It was revealed during the events of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that she was a part of the Wild Hunt, which devastated all lands. Geralt was able to save her at the risk of losing his memories. Yennefer arrived to assist Emperor Emhyr var Emreis, who was hunting for Ciri and also trying to restore her memories. Geralt sought for Yennefer after regaining his memories, and finally he, Yennefer, and Ciri reconciled, and Yennefer became a mother figure for Ciri. Yennefer, who is strong-willed, clever, and headstrong, always pursues her aim with zeal and determination.

Vivi — Final Fantasy 9

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When it comes to Final Fantasy mages and wizards, Vivi stands out among all the playable characters. Vivi had one of the more straightforward yet intriguing journeys in Final Fantasy 9, making him an endearing character that players couldn’t help but root for.

Vivi is a Black Mage who wields the power of elemental magic as a wizard. He has the ability to cast various levels of Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder spells and frequently wields a staff to focus his magic. As a Black Mage, Vivi’s defensive abilities are limited, but he can use supportive magic to protect himself from physical and magical attacks.

Vivi begins the game as a timid character who lacks self-confidence and is dealing with existential problems, but as the game progresses, he steels his will and becomes one of the most important members of Zidane and Garnet’s party.

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