Know Latest Advances for Kidney Transplant Treatment in India

Kidney transplants are considered the absolute option for patients suffering from problems kidney failure. India has given affordable options to all patients who are facing kidney-related difficulties. Indian infrastructure and techniques are up-to-date and offer invaluable medical assistance to patients around the world. 

Kidney transplant cost in India is the major contributor to making India a top medical place for kidney patients. But it is not enough; the affordability of the treatment does not make its patients compromise the quality of the medical treatment. India is an affordable option for patients who are facing difficulties in getting better results for their medical complications. 

Is Kidney Transplantation Process Help in Curing Kidney Failure Conditions?

Kidney Transplant is a crucial medical process in which the diseased kidney is replaced with a healthy one.  The new kidney installation helps the individual to filter out the waste and useless fluids from the body. The process helps patients to get back to a normal life with more efficiency. Also, reduces the patient’s dependency on regular dialysis and restores kidney functions. It is an effective surgical solution for patients experiencing kidney failures or serious renal disease.

How does the Kidney Transplantation Procedure Take Place?

Kidney transplanting is a mandatory process when a person is facing a kidney failure-like situation. Various hospitals in India offer a high treatment success rate. Here are the steps followed during the transplant process – 

  • Patient’s Evaluation & Anesthesia

The first important thing before the surgery is to evaluate the medical condition of the patient through various medical assessments to ensure if the patient is ready for a transplant or not. After the surety, doctors give anesthesia to the patient before the surgery so that the patient experiences a painless journey throughout the process.

  • Surgical Process

On one side of the patient’s torso, surgeons created a cut in the lower abdomen. The kidney is obtained from either a living or a deceased donor. When the damaged kidney is not removed from the body, surgeons often transplant the healthy kidney to the lower abdomen. After the transplant of the kidney, the renal veins and renal artery connected to it for the effective blood flow to the new kidney. Also, the ureter is attached to the bladder of the patients to get a comfortable excretion process. Once the process is done, the surgical cuts have been closed with the help of staples and sutures. 

  • Post-Operative Care

Patients are closely monitored under the observation of surgeons. It makes sure of any complications faced by the patient after the surgery. Regular follow-up and post-operation care gives better result on the patient’s health. 

What is the Kidney Transplant Cost in India?

A kidney transplant is a challenging and complicated medical procedure. The cost of kidney transplant procedures varies on various primary and secondary factors. Some factors like the charges of the surgery, surgeon fees, and others affect the cost directly of the treatment. On the other hand, hospitalization charges, follow-up, and others affect the treatment cost indirectly. The treatment starts from INR 5.7 lacs. 

What is the Optimal Success Rate of the Kidney Transplantation in India?

The transplant of a kidney is a successful medical process. The optimal success rate enhances the trust in this process for kidney-related problems. There are several factors like the patient’s age, medical history, and the surgery process that affect the success ratio of the transplant. The robotic transplant is more advanced and innovative and gives better results in many cases. 

What are Some of the Best Hospitals for Kidney Transplant in India?

Indian hospitals have the special infrastructure to tackle the kidney transplant-related process effectively. Here are some of the best kidney transplant hospitals in India – 

Indian Spinal Injuries Center

  • Indian Spinal Injuries Center is a leading hospital in New Delhi, India, established in the year 1997 that offers the most effective and advanced medical solutions to individuals.
  • It has accreditation from the NABH and NABL, which assures patients that they will get quality treatment in the hospital.
  • It offers treatment to more than 200000 patients every year who are facing difficulties related to urology, spine, orthopedics, and many others.

Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital

  • Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital is a prominent hospital in Mumbai, India, established in the year 1951.
  • For the last 60 years, it has been offering world-class treatment and medical care for its patients under international medical standards.
  • The healthcare team and expert medical professionals are specialized in diverse fields including digestive diseases treatment, hepatobiliary diseases, bariatric surgeries, and many others.

Saifee Hospital

  • Saifee Hospital is a well-established hospital in Mumbai, India, established in the year 2005, dedicated to offering the best health solutions for its patients.
  • It has accreditation with the ISO and NABH to assure its patients that their treatment is in safe hands, along with safe international medical standards.
  • The team of medical professionals deals with its patients with care and personalized treatment plans.

 Moolchand Hospital

  • Moolchand Hospital is one of the most advanced healthcare providers in India, offering standard medical treatment to its patients.
  • It has accreditation with the NABH, JCI, and ISO to build the trust of the patients in the quality health care and treatment process of the hospital.
  • It offers various surgery facilities along with emergency units and testing facilities. It offers treatment to thousands of people on an annual basis.

Transplantation of the organs like kidneys is a complex surgical procedure. The process is performed under an expert and experienced medical professional who can deliver their best efforts to make the patient’s life better. India has turned into a popular medical tourism destination place that supports the unique medical needs of the patients. It has a well-advanced medical infrastructure along with innovative medical plans to cater to the patient’s medical requirements. Kidney transplant cost in India offers affordable medical treatment so that the medical services and care becomes accessible for all the patients.

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