Know How to Write a Magnificent Assignment in Just 60 Minutes!

Meeting the deadline is one of the major criteria for writing assignments. So, if you miss it, you will get a low score on your paper. Now, students have lots of things to do. They have several extra-curricular activities. Moreover, they have the pressure of finishing the syllabus before the exam. In between, doing the assignment is quite difficult. They often forget about it and remember only at the eleventh hour. Professional assignment writing service is there to help you. They can write and submit your task on behalf of you. Also, they can guide you to write it at the last hour. 

Ways to Draft an Ideal Assignment

Here are some expert tips for writing scoring assignments within 60 minutes. Have a look-

1. Have a Quiet Workspace

You must look for a peaceful workspace. Make sure it is free from any distractions. Now, sit there calmly and compose yourself. Also, keep the place tidy before you start writing. Keep your phone on silent mode to avoid watching the notifications. It would take only 5 minutes.

2. Understand the Assignment 

Now, you are settled down peacefully. Next, you must pay attention to your assignment. Go through the instructions carefully. Thus, you will find it easy to begin. Understand the topic well. Then, focus on the word count fonts to be used and other details to write it perfectly. You can do this within 5 minutes. 

3. Plan Well to Make the Outline

Now, you must have understood the assignment well. So, it is the time to prepare the outline. Take a few minutes and think well. Thus, you can come up with an effective plan. First, think about how to write your assignment. Then, focus on conducting research work. There are lots of things to do. So, you must make an outline to follow. You can do it within 10 minutes. The outline will work as a roadmap to your write-up. The expert essay helpers will guide you over there. 

4. Research Thoroughly 

This step is the cornerstone of your assignment writing. Thorough research work must back your assignment with effective information. Usually, research work takes a lot of time. But you don’t have more than 60 minutes, right? So, always use fast research methods. Use different online resources and databases. Also, you must take class notes. Those work as one of the best resources for information. Also, you must cite the sources. Remember, you have only 15 minutes for research work. So, utilize it well.

5. Begin Writing 

Now, you have a proper outline in your hand. Also, you have enough information from your research work. So, this is the best time to start writing. You must begin with a strong introduction. Here, you must remember that the introduction must present the main point or thesis statement of the assignment. Next, write the body paragraphs. Make sure you maintain a logical flow throughout. Finally, add the conclusion and present the summary of the entire work. Try to finish your work in 15 minutes. 

6. Keep It Crisp

You have only one hour in your hand to finish the assignment. So, every minute counts. Try to keep your write-up short and crisp. Thus, you can get the maximum attention of your teacher. You must avoid any unnecessary details. Furthermore, stick to the main points. Also, you should be relevant to the topic. You have quite limited time on your hands. So, being brief must be your motto. Make it within 5 minutes.

7. Edit and Proofread 

You will have only 5 minutes for this step. So, utilize it well. Look for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Also, check for sentence structure, factual errors, etc. Here, you can get help from specialized assignment helper. Thus, you can save a few minutes and focus on other important areas.

8. Pay Attention to the Formatting and Citation

Adding citations makes your write-up authentic. So, be very alert towards it. This step will take 5 minutes only. But you must be very careful. Also, check out the formatting style. Follow the guidance of your institution. 

9. Go for a Final Proofread 

Keep the last 5 minutes to do this step. Go through the write-up once again. Look for any kind of errors you may have overlooked. Rectify those quickly and present a well-knitted work.

So, these are the perfect tips to write an assignment within an hour. If you get help from the assignment writing service at the last moment, they will also follow such steps. Finally, you are ready for submission. If you have some extra time on your hands, you can do something more to make your assignment even better.

Bonus Tricks to Ace an Assignment

In this section you will explore some additional tips to ace the document:

1. Manage Time Well 

You must have seen how 60 minutes are divided to do every task. Now, if you have that much limited time on your hands, you should be careful of using that. Also, you can’t skip or neglect any step. So, proper time management is crucial and challenging.

2. Overcome Writer’s Block

Having writer’s block is a common issue with assignment writers. But you don’t have time for it. So, don’t waste time on panicking. Stop writing immediately. Now, take some deep breaths. Also, splashes of water on your face help a lot. Again, get back to writing. You can start from any section. Writing anything can break the barrier quickly.

3. Use Online Tools

You have little time. So, use more online tools to make your work easy and fast. Use online grammar and plagiarism-checking tools. Thus, you can submit original and error-free work. Also, use different reference management software for proper citation.

4. Don’t Try to Be Perfect

Yes, you heard it right! You must not try to be perfect when you have only 60 minutes to finish your assignment. Instead, your aim must be to write an error-free assignment in simple language. If your institution gave only 60 minutes, you must show your promptness and time management skills.

5. Keep up Your Pace 

Never stop writing until it’s too important. Keep on writing smaller parts when you are tired. Thus, you can finish within a limited time. Don’t try to speed up suddenly. It can cause errors, silly mistakes, etc.


This was an end to the write-up that helps you to ace you academic task without much ado. Hopefully, now you know how to write an assignment within 60 minutes. You have limited time. So, you must take the challenge. Thus, you will gain more confidence.


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