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Moving is an operation that affects an entire house and a place, including a whole family’s life. For this reason, many people don’t know where to start when organizing a move. This guide aims to help anyone manage their activity in an orderly manner to minimize the stress of such a complex and delicate operation. Find out on Movers and packers in Dubai how to organize the perfect move and enjoy life in your new home!

Two months earlier

At this point, you’re probably just starting to organize your move; all you have is a date. Even though the movement still seems far away, it’s time to start thinking about it concretely and look for a Delight Box Move company; in fact, planning is essential both to save money and to reduce stress.

What are the things to do at this point?

  • If you live in a rented house, you should have notified the landlord of your intention to move. If you still need to do so, inform them now.
  • Request a day or two off at work if you need it, depending on the size of the move.
  • Start creating a detailed list of everything you want to take with you on the move you are organizing; it will be much easier to update it from time to time by adding Furniture Movers Dubai and objects rather than trying to draw up a definitive list just before the move.
  • Create a division of the rooms to organize the move and box everything up in order; for example, assign a letter or colour to each room in the house.
  • Request authorization to enrol your children in the new school.
  • Fundamental: Request quotes, compare prices, research companies and inform yourself as much as possible! On Delight Box Move, you can request a quote to reach up to 5 prices and organize the move.

One month before

The organization of the move enters its central phase; from this moment, you will have to start taking concrete action every day to prepare for the move.

  • If you will need a storage unit and the moving company you hired doesn’t provide it, now is the time to start looking for it
  • Buy furniture for the new house if you need it.
  • Fundamental: Start boxing up the less important objects in each room of the house daily, then put labels on the boxes with the colour or letter of the space they come from and number them.
  • While organizing the move, you should plan a thorough cleaning of the house for when you leave.
  • Reorganize and group all the documents in your home.

Two weeks earlier

Two weeks before the move date, the effects of good organization of the move begin to be noticed, with the house appearing emptier and emptier. Don’t be sad! This means you are saving yourself a lot of stress that those who don’t know how to organize a move find themselves managing in the last days, making the action even more traumatic.

  • Empty the freezer: consume what is still good and throw away what needs to be thrown away
  • Make a backup of your computer.
  • At this point, you should have ensured that all utilities are ready to be moved to the new home. Don’t underestimate the move of utilities!
  • Change your Residential Movers in Dubai at the municipality, and if you go to live in another city, register on the electoral roll.

After the move

Here we are; you have now moved into your new house! The very last recommendations to carry out after the move are:

  • Also, take a photo of the meter reading of the new house.
  • As soon as the movers leave, the first thing you need (and will want) to do is prepare the bed and shower, so the first things you will want to take out of the packages will be sheets and towels.
  • Hook up appliances if the movers still need to do so.
  • Even if you had the new house cleaned from top to bottom before moving, something will likely get dirty during the move; check the house carefully and clean if necessary.

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