Evolving SMD (Surface Mount Device) & Solder

Electronic components are becoming more sophisticated, multifunctional, and miniaturized due to the digitization of mobile terminals and automobiles. Demand for electronic components is increasing for terminals, base stations, and computers due to the worldwide commercialization of fifth-generation communications (5G) services and the spread of telework. The technology for mounting electronic components and semiconductor devices on the surface of printed wiring boards SMD SCREEN is meeting demands not only for equipment but also for improving solder material technology and automating production.

Supporting technological innovation

SMD, solder, and inspection equipment support technological innovation against the backdrop of advances in electronics and automation. High-density, high-speed surface mounting technology is essential for production lines that mount microscopic electronic components called chip components and surface mount devices (SMD) on printed wiring boards. The production line consists of a solder printing machine, an inspection machine, a mounting machine, a reflow oven (reflow soldering equipment), and a transport device that connects them.

This was driven by a recovery in demand for automobile-related products, which had undergone production adjustments due to the impact of the new coronavirus infection. Due to the spread of 5G and telework, demand for information and communication equipment such as PCs also remained strong.

The printed wiring board market in 2020 will be for use in information communication infrastructure such as base stations and servers, and personal computers. Although sales are doing extremely well, taking into consideration factors such as automobile production adjustments, we forecast a 0.2% decrease from the previous year. It is expected to grow by 13.7% compared to 2019 to 2026.

The market for mounting-related equipment in 2020 is expected, an increase of 0.5 from the previous year, due to investment in semiconductor package boards and module boards. Large-scale investments will continue for some time, and the market is expected to expand in 2026.

Compact and in-vehicle compatible

Good soldering of 0201 parts

  • There is a demand for miniaturization of multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs), and an MLCC called “0201” measuring 0.25 mm wide x 0.125 mm long x 0.125 mm high is attracting attention.
  • Soldering electronic components of this size requires technological innovations in soldering materials and mounting machines.
  • The finer the powder of the solder material, the greater the surface area and amount of oxidation. Therefore, an antioxidant (flux) that has high activation and suppresses oxidation in the reflow oven is important. Soldering material manufacturers are responding to these issues when soldering 0201-sized electronic components.

Which is compatible with fine printing, suppresses printing sag and preheat sag that cause short circuits in 0201 parts, and suppresses the formation of solder balls on the side of the chip? Achieves good soldering. It also has excellent cleaning properties even when cleaning is required due to micro modularization.

The number of electronic components installed in automobiles is increasing in order to shift to electric vehicles and improve safety and security. Not only electronic components but also solder materials must be able to with stand harsh temperatures, environments such as mud and dust, and vibration resistance. This product overcomes issues such as preventing flux residue from cracking even in environments with rapid temperature changes, supporting high quality outdoor SMD Screen and reliability.

Soldering SMD LEDs: how to do it?

SMD LED chips are self-contained LED devices that are mounted to the surface of the printed circuit board ( PCB ) by soldering , using SMT technology. This practice allows you to solder the SMD LEDs on both faces of the circuit, without engravings or drilling being applied to the board.

The advantages deriving from the use of this type of component assembly are:

the possibility of using smaller components and creating more compact electronic boards ;
the reduction of the production of waste resulting from the circuit drilling operation;
a consequent reduction in work times , as a series of automated machinery is used, including the Pick&Place machine .

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