As mentioned above, by linking the online game, KBC Company lottery system

In role-playing games, there is a specific world and a character that represents oneself exists in the world within the game. Therefore, the core of the game is to develop your character in the world provided by the online game, compete and cooperate with other game users in the world, and increase your level and value. Therefore, we designed a game KBC lottery system that provides game users who have significantly improved their level or value over a specific period of time, and notify game users who meet the conditions of the game Whatsapp lottery Winner grant via email, which allows the game users to move within the world. It can provide the purpose of continuously increasing self-worth. In addition, valuable items (equipment, armor, magic, etc.) in the game can be purchased with cyber money accumulated through the KBC lottery system, providing anticipation and hope for winning, which is another fun element other than the gameplay.

As mentioned above, by linking the online game, lottery system, and email notification system,

we propose a fun system and a lottery system that gives hope and expectations, as well as an email system as a means to effectively communicate this to game users and continuously communicate with game users. The technical task of the present invention is to link them efficiently.

  • Is an overall configuration diagram of a portal to which the present invention is applied?
  • Is a configuration diagram between a lottery system and a service system to which the present invention is applied?
  • Shows the configuration and type of lottery obtained in the present invention

The present invention to achieve the above object is the first step in which the game user goes through an authentication process, connects to the game server, enjoys the game, and is granted a lottery ticket as a privilege. The types of game lottery tickets and lottery systems granted in the first step are provided. Step 2 on the composition of the prize lottery. Step 3, where you are notified of the granted lottery through e-mail and access the lottery system to enter the lottery. Accumulated points are earned through the use of each served on the portal site. It consists of the fourth step of purchasing a game portal lottery ticket from a portal using cyber money.

Hereinafter, the present invention will be described in more detail with reference to the attached drawings.

Is an overall configuration diagram of a portal to which the present invention is applied?

As shown in the drawing, the information and communication system to which the present invention is applied is connected to the Internet network 200 and the game server that supports game services according to the present invention, granting KBC lottery tickets as privileges, and notifying them by email. A game user’s terminal (300) for enjoying the game, a game portal system (100) consisting of a lottery server that provides game services and lottery tickets appropriate for each game, and a payment institution server of a financial institution connected to the Internet network. It consists of (400).

Each of the game servers 160 above provides game services so that game users can enjoy games, and stores all of the user’s game information generated as a result in each game server.

The game lottery server 180 has a database of lottery services tailored to the characteristics of each game and works in conjunction with each game server 160 to grant lottery tickets as a privilege to game users and respond to game users’ lottery applications. It performs the function of drawing a lottery and providing prizes or goods to users.

Is a configuration diagram between a KBC lottery system and a service system to which the present invention is applied?

Is an exemplary diagram showing the configuration of a system that grants a game lottery ticket according to game use after a game user pays a game fee according to the present invention?

A game lottery ticket is granted for cyber money, rankings, and game privileges corresponding to special status obtained as a result of the above-mentioned use of the game service, and notification is made via email.

Game users who receive notification of KBC lottery tickets by email participate in a drawing or apply according to the type of lottery (lottery type, drawing type, and instant type) and the Internet lottery server provides winnings or prizes to game users through the drawing.

Is a diagram of the forms and types of lottery tickets paid according to the present invention?

Portal Lottery can be purchased by all users of the game portal by exchanging each game money and purchasing it with portal money, or by charging portal money using a mobile phone or micropayment method. The portal KBC Company lottery is operated in the form of a lottery-style game lottery in which winnings are paid to game portal users through a drawing once a week. If there is no first-place winner, it will be carried over to the next week, and the prize money will accumulate until a first-place winner appears. The game portal system plays an important role in uniting users who enjoy each individual game by providing a common goal to all game users through the portal lottery described above.

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