3 Reasons why Taxi in Tunbridge Wells is better to call!

Possibly you have asked yourself on many occasions what is different about choosing one service or another or why there was a war between both sides being in the same sector. The story is long and has many nuances, and this article will explain to you that choosing Taxi in Tunbridge Wells is the best option.

Main Differences

In general, we have been left with the closest differences between these companies. If we go out to the street to ask what differences there are between taxis and Uber, most likely they will only remain on the surface of the issue and comment on some type of difference between APPs, and licenses (in addition, most likely they will not is correct) and, perhaps, the type of service.

Call, ask or wait

If we talk about conventional taxis, we could do all three things. That is, taxi drivers can pick up people who request services “on site.” If you stop in front of a road and see one go by with a green light, it means that you can raise your hand and they will come pick you up right away.

However, we will not be able to have this type of service with companies like Uber. To reserve a transport vehicle with them we could only use the APP they provide us, then we will see one of the whys.

By using the phone we can also tell a Tunbridge Wells Taxi driver when and where to pick us up to establish the trip. We can call a taxi at the same time or we can have it pick us up at a certain time. This, likewise, is not possible to do with Uber or call the drivers directly, since they follow very strict protocols about how the driver will be assigned.

Transportation Companies Verses Technology Companies

Although taxi is not exactly a company in itself, it does act as such, as a transportation company such as Airport Taxi in Tunbridge Wells that allows professional or private passengers to be transported between cities or between two points in the same city.

Companies like Uber are technology companies (not transportation companies) and this is why so many taxi drivers cried out in protest.

This designation allowed the drivers of these two companies to be transport members without passing the harsh tests that a taxi driver goes through when obtaining his license. Since this, being considered transportation, needs very specific requirements about what its drivers have to be like which we provide at Tunbridge Wells Taxi.

The price of Taxis VS private companies

Both Uber and the companies that emerge from VTC transportation through apps are governed by the law of “supply and demand.” The more people who are ordering a vehicle at a specific time, the more expensive the trip will be. They do not work based on what the price actually costs but rather based on how many are ordered. We recommend that you do not ask for one when it is raining or during rush hour for departure or entry of companies or it will be more expensive than you thought.

Taxi booked through Tunbridge Wells Airport Transfers, for its part, has fixed prices for mileage, time and depending on which areas you go to. This price is stipulated by the state and means that the competitiveness of the taxi does not depend on the taxi drivers themselves. Currently, when you order a Tesla taxi with us you can know the price in advance and set the final price of the trip.

Not only that, if the agreed price is higher than what the taximeter shows at the end of the trip, you will always be charged the lower price. The most economical way to travel is with taxi groups of this type.

Request an Uber urgently

You will have heard that one of the requests that taxi drivers made is that a VTC could not be requested urgently, that is, that taxis can only be used for this type of transport and Uber with prior notice of certain hours or minutes.

Book an Airport Taxi in Tunbridge Wells without obligation

We at Airport Taxi In Tunbridge Wells can pick you up wherever you want you just have to pin the address. And we can drop you off anywhere within London and for that, you just have to pin the drop-off. You can pre-book our taxis as well from our site.

What should I choose?

We won’t be the ones to tell you. You have to weigh many factors and what this may imply for your travels or for society. Whatever you choose, we hope that they treat you like the best of their clients, as we will always try to do.

Remember that behind all these companies including Tunbridge Wells Taxi there are workers who are giving their best so that you can reach your destination in the best conditions and in the most comfortable way, therefore, whatever you choose: have a good trip.

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