Top 8 Hot Selling Book Genres In 2023

If you are a bookworm then no genre would be new to you, but never mind the more you get to know about the genres the more fun it is. 

The literary world is filled with amazing tales that need to be jotted down. Be it fiction or non-fiction, both genres are filled with unlimited fun and adventures to explore.

So, today you will be taken to the world of literature and what makes it so amazing that readers can’t think of anything but read it all day.

In this blog, you are going to explore all the best-selling genres. So, let’s dive into that;

 A quick takeaway of the genres;

  • Crime And Mystery
  • History 
  • Sci-Fi
  • Rom-Com
  • Horror
  • Memoirs 

All of these are the best-selling genres of all time; they are loved by a large population and have made the authors millionaires in no time. 

Now let’s discuss them in detail;

Crime And Mystery

Starting with some crime and mystery, this genre has taken the world into complete shock. By world, it means the literary world, the stories written by the authors are so well-produced that people cannot sleep but read them all night. 

It’s quite popular among teens and adults too, since teens are the most curious species, they want to explore the world that exists beyond their capacity. Crime involves all the stories that have an element of blood and fear, if the stories have no blood splashes, then no crime would be loved. 

Coming to the mystery, it is the most difficult genre to write, why? Because it’s so hard to make people believe. Also, the mystery needs to be written in a way that readers keep thinking and guessing what is next.

Give them a plot twist that they would never ever imagine. 


For people who love to read what’s gone in the past, history will remain the most-selling book genre. There are millions of readers online looking for historical fiction and non-fiction books. 

The thing about history is that it’s like a mirror that shows them a reflection of the past. Be it a political conflict or stories on the remains of the enormous creatures. Curiosity killed the cat, so does it make the readers, want to know what happened in earlier times? 


You could guess this genre through the number of movies that are released each year. Science lovers have made this genre a hot-selling book genre. 

The stories that the author writes on sci-fi are truly amazing, the technology mentioned in the books, the creatures these authors create, and the dialogues, everything is top-notch. 


How can romance comedy be missed out on, teenagers love rom-coms, they are loved to a great extent. The reason is that the authors portray the element of love in such a manner that the readers start associating them with the readers. 

Moreover, the dialogues and characters are crafted in such a way that eventually arouses the love that is not even there. Take an example of the famous kdramas that are watched by millions of people all over the world. 

These rom-coms have raised the standards and teenagers have started to visualize their lives as the main characters. 


Horror, is a well-known and bestselling genre that evokes fear, only if the story doesn’t have any cliches.

It’s not easy to evoke the elements of fear, suspense, and those chilling moments. You must have watched The Conjuring, The Exorcist, and Walking Dead. 

These are known to be the best-selling franchise books, what made these the most profitable for the authors? It’s the element of fear that made the readers hooked till the last page. What’s the point of writing a horror book if the readers are made feel that the ghost might be present under their bed? 

Some horror books have such an intense feel that readers are actually found disturbed in their day-to-day lives. 

Memoirs and Autobiography 

Memoirs and autobiographies will remain my favorite genre, why because people love to read about them from another perspective. 

Many authors have written memoirs years ago but are still popular currently. So if you want to become the author you are dreaming of then there are ghostwriters for hire who are all eager to write you a best-selling memoir. 

The reason why people read more autobiographies is that these books cover the whole life of the individual, from childhood to adult life, mental issues, financial issues, struggles, and whatnot. It’s like a mirror held in hand watching your life but with another’s eye. 


This was all about the best-selling genres of all time, they are read by millions of readers worldwide despite the difference of language. 


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