Pimsleur is rated top most apps for learning new languages faster. It is one of those audible apps that help in enhancing conversational skills in multiple languages.

Paul Pimsleur developed this app on the SRS method i.e., Spaced Repetition System. The SRS method is just the opposite of the approach followed by other apps which allows us to learn harder things first and fast. You might get an idea about what is the Pimsleur from this. Let’s discuss this further.

How does Pimsleur work?

Pimsleur’s approach works on SRS method that allows its users to learn faster. To have command of any foreign language on the base of conversation, without giving a second thought, just opt for Pimsleur based on Pimsleur review.

  • Before starting users have to sign up with their basic details.
  • It is paid software. After logging in you can start taking lessons on your chosen language.
  • Lessons are sequenced from harder sections first.
  • It moves further after giving your brain enough time to retain the words or phrases.
  • It keeps its focus mainly on improving conversational abilities.

Such properties of this app make it unique from other apps. And hence, gaining more popularity as most of the time only conversations are more important than have able to write or read them.

Pimsleur vs Other Language Learning Apps

Almost daily, a new app coming these days related to language learning. But not all of them get instant fame or could stand in customers’ demand list. Some of the apps like Pimsleur, Duolingo, Babbel, Mondly, and many more are launched to teach languages only. But the Pimsleur is different as:

  • Pimsleur is not an approach; it’s a method for learning different languages.
  • It focuses on only listening and speaking skills.
  • One of the Pimsleur reviews: It makes things easier by making us learn harder things first, unlike other language learning apps.
  • Pimsleur review from all its users: only fastest language learning app in the market.

Pimsleur Approach Review

In a market full of imitators, Pimsleur is still unique and one of the best products. Some of the Pimsleur approach review that will help you in deciding whether to choose one or the other:

Affordable and worthwhile products in the market.

  • The best app to improve conversational skills and have command of multiple languages.
  • Start to teach harder things first. This unique trick allows learning the language faster.
  • Have a user-friendly interface.
  • Highest collection of vocabulary with easy learning tips.
  • Travel with confidence with this faster language-learning app.

Apart from the positive Pimsleur review, there are some cons as well:

  • Lost interest when it became harder to learn the toughest first.
  • Not the best premium learning app.
  • Sometimes take more time than expected.

Most lovable features of the app

  • It offers audio lessons and hence you can take lessons while doing any work- driving, cooking, etc.
  • Enjoy offline classes by downloading the lessons.
  • Daily short audio lessons are delivered that you can take at your own catching speed.


Pimsleur will improve your conversational skills in multiple languages. You can decide if Pimsleur approach is worth it or not for you from the Pimsleur reviews.

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