Is it better to put a Metal Roof over the Shingles?

People are discussing whether setting a metal roof on top of old shingles is good. In Oklahoma City, where the climate can be complicated, people need solid and inexpensive roofs. This conversation is about the good things and possible issues with this idea. Setting a metal roof over shingles can protect money on work and insulate your home well. But it might also cause problems with airflow and possible humidity. In this article, we’ll look at this process to aid landowners in deciding what’s finest. We’ll consider what people in Oklahoma City actually require from their roofs, targeting to discover a solution that keeps on, works well, and is reasonable.

Advantages of Putting a Metal Roof over Shingles

Strong and Lasts a Long Time

Setting a metal roof on top of your current shingles means receiving a roof that can take a beating from hard climates like heavy rain, snow, and solid winds. Dissimilar to regular roofs that might want changing every 15-20 years, a metal roof can switch around for 50 years or even further if you take good maintenance. This means you protect money in the lengthy run.

Saves Energy

Metal roofs are like reflects—they bounce a portion of the sun’s heat back instead of allowing it into your home. This can lessen your energy bills, particularly in places where it gets actually hot. In those parts, air conditioning can use up a lot of energy. Some metal roofs have a distinct covering that makes them even better at reflecting heat, saving you even more power.

Good for the Environment

Selecting a metal roof in its place of regular shingles is a good option. Metal roofs are frequently prepared from resources that have been used earlier and can be used yet again when they’re prepared. This means fewer environmental effects from making and throwing away roofing resources. Similarly, as metal roofs remain a surely lengthy time, you won’t want to exchange them as often, which cuts down on waste.

Makes Your Home Worth More

Placing a metal roof can make your home more valued. People observing purchase homes frequently actually like metal roofs as they’re hard and save energy. This can make your house more appealing to purchasers and even increase its price when you select to sell.

Things to Watch Out For

Heavier Roof

Metal roofs are weightier than shingles. Your house wants to be durable enough to hold it up. Get an expert for a roofing service in Oklahoma City to check if your home can switch the additional mass.

Warranty Concerns

Some metal roof creators might not cover complications if you place the metal on the topmost of old shingles. Talk to the metal roof company and the installer for their guidelines.

Uneven Surface

If the old shingles are in bad form or not plain, it can mess up how the metal roof appears and works. Now and again, additional work might be required to make it accurate.

Less Roof Choices

The old shingles might limit the types of metal roofs you can choose. For instance, some elegant metal roofs might not work with definite shingle styles.

Deciding whether to fix a metal roof above your current shingles is a large choice. It’s significant to think about your home’s exclusive situation. While this option has some benefits, it’s also important to recognize potential complications and how to treat them. Earlier, you go ahead and put a metal roof on. Talking to a reliable roofing company in Oklahoma City is significant. They can check how your roof is undertaken and offer help.


Placing a metal roof above your old shingles in Oklahoma City can protect your money and time. You don’t have to take off the shingles. This additional layer also insulates your home well and might lessen your energy bills. Then, you want to ensure the old shingles are in good shape before doing this. Getting guidance from a reliable roofing service in Oklahoma City is significant. They’ll make sure the job is completed right and follows the guidelines. Before determining, consider your condition, like the climate, your budget, and how much maintenance you’re willing to do in the long run.

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