Hyundai vs. Mahindra: Comparing Construction Equipment Manufacturers

The decision between Hyundai and Mahindra construction equipment depends on your venture needs, budget, and preferences. Furthermore, Hyundai is known for its great, high-quality, modern machinery and is reasonable for requesting applications, while Mahindra might be a more practical choice for more limited-size projects. Always play out a definite assessment and think about your drawn-out necessities before choosing.

Below is a general comparison of these two manufacturers in the construction equipment industry:

  • MAHINDRA Construction Equipments

Mahindra Construction Equipment, a subsidiary of the Mahindra Group, was established in 2011. Moreover, it’s a top global heavy machinery manufacturer offering excavators, backhoe loaders, motor graders, and compactors. Also, their equipment is known for its reliability and modern technology, including automated welding units and strict quality control. Furthermore, Mahindra operates in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East and provides customer training programs. It’s also on Forbes’ list of the top 2000 brands. Prices for Mahindra equipment in India range from Rs. 23 Lakh to Rs. 47 Lakh.

  • HYUNDAI Construction Equipments

HYUNDAI Construction Equipment offers 64 heavy equipment categories and is a prominent Indian manufacturer, especially known for its cranes. Also, the popular models include HYUNDAI 210 SMART PLUS, HYUNDAI 85A SMART, and HYUNDAI R 210-LC 7. The Hyundai heavy types of equipment are used in various applications like construction, agriculture, lifting transportation, excavation and many more. The Prices for HYUNDAI equipment in 2023 range from Rs. 7 Lakh to Rs. 62 Lakh.

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